I firmly believe in small gestures: pay for their coffee, hold the door for strangers, over tip, smile or try to be kind even when you don’t feel like it, pay compliments, chase the kid’s runaway ball down the sidewalk and throw it back to him, try to be larger than you are— particularly when it’s difficult. People do notice, people appreciate. I appreciate it when it’s done to (for) me. Small gestures can be an effort, or actually go against our grain (“I’m not a big one for paying compliments…”), but the irony is that almost every time you make them, you feel better about yourself. For a moment life suddenly feels lighter, a bit more Gene Kelly dancing in the rain.
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this is terrifying and beautiful at the same time

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Solar Prominence
Imaged at 15.45 on the 25 July 2014 by Gary Palmer


Solar Prominence

Imaged at 15.45 on the 25 July 2014 by Gary Palmer

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Everything in nature is lyrical in its ideal existence, tragic in its fate, and comic in its existence.
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Been there done that
Want so bad, much want

1. Become a medical doctor
2. Go dog sledding in Eskimo clothes
3. Take a friends clothes at a public shower- leave them with only a silly costume to wear 
4. Go fishing and catch a giant salmon
4. Chill in a gondola in Venice
5. See the Sphinx and pyramids, Egypt
6. Dance tango in a milonga, Spain
7. Go hiking and hunting, Canada
8. Experience weightlessness- lose weight the fun way!
9. Have a croissant at a French cafe and visit the Eiffel tower, France
10. Watch a meteor shower
11.Viva Las Vegas, Nevada
12. Have an exceptional time at a greek island with best friend, Greece 
13. Drink beer and sing drinking songs at a pub, Ireland/Scotland
14. Climb to Base Camp on Mount Everest, Nepal
15. Shower and brush teeth in a waterfall
16. Stay in an ice hotel

17. River-rafting
18. Swim with dolphins
19. Go parachuting
20. Grow fruit and vegetables in my own garden
21. Fill a public lift with balloons
22. Have a cake fight
23. Be conversational in several languages: English, German, Polish, Spanish, French, Italian…
24. Learn to play the guitar
25. Open a café/art store
26. Visit the Great Wall, China
27. Throw a huge 50th birthday party
28. Do at least 5 pull ups
29. See my favorite bands and artists live: Muse, Radiohead, Massive Attack, Bob Dylan, Franz Ferdinand…
30. Get henna tattoos on my hands
31. Go glacier-hiking
32. Have a portrait done of myself and my friends
33. Go a day without speaking
34. Eat cake a whole day
35. Duct tape someone to a wall 
36. Visit Kjeralgbolten and Preikestolen, Norway
37. Get tattoos- preferably while sober
38. Fire a pistol
39. Fly in a helicopter
40. Buy a nice sportscar
41. Learn to play a special instrument like the fiddle, harmonica, bagpipes- wake people up in the morning
42. Write a children’s book- about scary trolls
43. Buy a bar-piano
44. Design my own house/apartment
45. Learn to dance salsa and tango
46. Go surfing
47. Sail across the Caribbean
48. Sleep in an Igloo, watch the northern lights and see polar bears/penguins
49. Go to Oktoberfest in full costume, Munich, Germany
50. See snakes, kangaroos, spiders and other “cool” animals, Austraila
51. Visit a volcano
52. Carneval in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
53. Swim in the Dead see, Israel
54. Drive a lamborghini/ferrari/hummer on a car track
55. Party weekend from Paris to Berlin
56. Do a 360 on Snowboard
57. Visit saunas and Moomin-land, Finland
58. Have a wild time at Six Flags amusement park, Texas
59. Swim with something big/scary like sharks, whales, killer whales- or maybe just turtles
60. Ride a hot air balloon
61. Go snorkeling in a shipwreck
62. Go on a canopy tour
63. Ride a mechanical bull- in full cowboy costume
64. Visit NASA/ watch a Rocket Launch live
65. Try fencing
66. Have a year off to do all this stuff (!)
67. Visit the Blue Lagoon, Island
68. Name a star after someone
69. Climb a mountain and eat chocolate in Switzerland
70. Smoke a cigar and enjoy a drink, Cuba
71. Lick an iceberg
72. Do the whole “Singin’ in the rain” routine during a rainstorm
73. Blow something up
74. Go on a safari, Africa
75. Live like a hippie a whole week in a tent/caravan
76. Throw a surprise party for a good friend
77. Have someone play “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen at my funeral + serve champagne
78. Plan a bacheloretteparty for my friend(s)
79. Wear a fancy dress and eat at McDonalds
80. Spend a summer at Lake Como, Italy
81. Send my parents on vacation
82. Visit every continent
83. Be able to identify at least 10 constellations
84. See the Terracotta warriors, China
85. Drive the Autobahn, Germany
86. Ride a high-speed train
87. Go to a rave party
88. Go to a gay club
89. Plant a tree
90. Stay awake for 24hours
91. See the Cherry Blossom Viewing, Japan
92. Make my own perfume
93. Eat ice cream in a desert
94. Go streaking
95. Sleep in a pillow fort for a night with friends
96. Give a speech for multiple people
97. Ride an elephant
98. Go to Burning Man festival, Nevada
99. Go to Loy Krathong- the sky lantern festival, Thailand
100. Go to Mardi Gras, New Orleans
101. Go to a broadway show
101. See a Musical (The Lio King) and sing along
102. Learn how to say “cheers” and “thank you” in 10 languages
103. Go fishing for fly fish
104. Try snake charming
105. Visit Machu Pichu, Peru
106. Build my own plastic bottle island
107. Eat a scorpion
108. Attend a protest rally for something I’m passionate about
109. Go to Sundace Film Festival, Utah
110. Be a magician’s assistant
111. Paint and drive a hippie van
112. Carve a heart in a tree
113. Go to Disney World
114. Cover myself in paint and roll around on a canvas
115. Dive in the Blue Hole, Belize
116. Dress up as a banana/penguin/gorilla/shark
117. Dress up as “Where is Waldo”
118. Drink plain Vodka while wearing an Ushanka, Russia
119. Write a love song
120. Eat in a Railcar diner
121. Experience four different extreme environments (desert, jungle, arctic,mountains)
122. Attend a Masquerade Ball
123. Crowd Surf
124. Get my kicks on Route 66
125. Get out of a car and dance when the light is red, get back in before it’s green
126. Give blood
127. Be on an organ donor list
128. Visit the Christmas marked, Berlin, Germany
129. Go to a Murder Mystery dinner
130. Go to an oxygen bar
131. See a live tornado
132. Visit The Wizardig World of Harry Potter, Orlando
133. Grafitti something
134. Hang out with a Shaman
135. Hand-make chocolate
136. Get a Taroot-reading
137. Have a another identity for a night out
138. Cook a 3 course meal for my boyfriend
139. Try acupuncture
140. Cuddle a Koala/panda/chimp
141. Have my research published in a scientific journal
142. Join a secret society
143. Kiss underwater
144. Cliff jump from 10meters
145. Jump in a pool fully clothed
146. Lie in a sunflower field
147. Learn how to make a daisy chain
148. Dance around the fire with a gypsy
149. Visit a concentration camp and pay my respects
150. Ride a steamboat down the Mississippi River, USA
151. Poke an ostrich
152. Go sandsurfing
153. See/make a crop circle
154. Smell the tulips in Amsterdam, Netherlands
155. Show up at the airport with a bag & a passport & take the first flight available
156. Send a message in a bottle
157. Go to Bora Bora, Fiji
158. Sleep in an underwater hotel
159. Swim in bio-luminescent algae
160. Go to La Tomatina festival, Spain
161. Visit the Magic Bus of Christopher McCandless, Alaska
162. Write a letter to my future great grand children
163. Work in a refugee camp
164. Watch the AFI 100 Greatest Movies
165. Drink Absinthe
166. Carve a pumpkin for Halloween
167. Spend a night in a Hostel
168. Moon someone
169. Pet a sting ray
170. Go to the movies/restaurant alone
171. Stand in the place where my favorite scene in one of my favorite movies was filmed
172. Create a travel journal so my future children can read all about my adventures
173. Drink from a coconut
174. Hit a pinata
175. Become a beer expert

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Fireworks in Yokohama, Japan | Kohei Endo

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